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Battery Chargers - Brands BMPRO & NOCO Genius




  • Smart battery chargers ranging from 4 to 25 Amp – compatible with all types of lead acid and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries
  • DC-to-DC charger, specially designed for recreational vehicle applications
  • Used widely with Caravans manufactures throughout Australia
  • 7 STAGE - Micro Digital Processor
  • Rugged casing
  • Power Supply Mode


NOCO Genius - Wicked Smart Chargers

NOCO The ultimate battery charger.

Experience the next generation in smart battery chargers for cars, motorcycles and more. Keep your vehicle fully charged with zero overcharge.

Rugged on-board charging.

The completely waterproof GEN on-board smart battery chargers are designed for harsh, marine conditions. Charge boats, trolling motors, vehicles, and more with zero overcharge

Welcome to the future.

It’s time to retire your grandpa’s charger.

Technology has changed. Large and heavy old-school chargers are in the past and a new era of charging technology is here. Every Genius charger is built on a modern high-frequency and high-efficiency platform. It not only makes our chargers significantly lighter and more compact, but more functional and safer than ever before. The result is a 97% smaller design that is 98% more efficient over the life of the charger. The scrap metal on your old charger is worth more than the technology it has inside. Contents Battery Chargers 3 Connectors 16 Solar 18 Boosters 19 Storage 24


Incredibly easy to use.

Plug-in, set and forget. The versatility and genius behind our chargers is its ability to charge a variety of battery technologies — including lithium-ion. From automotive, marine, powersport, lawn and garden to deep-cycle batteries, our chargers are engineered to replenish lost capacity in just about any vehicle or equipment. It’s suitable for popular battery chemistries such as wet cell, gel cell, AGM and LiFePO4, as well as advanced AGM and enhanced flooded battery for micro-hybrid startstop vehicles.

NOCO Genius Battery Chargers are 100% completely sealed and energy efficient. They are made in the USA and include a three (3) year limited warranty.