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Optima® Batteries

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Optima® Batteries - Blue Top, Red Top, Yellow Top

Delivers the Strongest Burst of Cranking Power and Withstands the Most Extreme G Forces

Modern vehicles need more power, whether it be higher cranking, more amp hours or a higher reserve capacity. Why not have it all with one AGM battery?

Optima Batteries with its unique spiral cell design can do just this. Optima’s AGM batteries first hit our shores in the mid nineties, and have proven to be a most reliable power force. Our market share has been heavily supported by The Four wheel drive, Car audio, Agricultural, Marine, Military, Emergency services, Truck, Caravan, Taxi, Race car, Seasonal Vintage & Veteran Cars, Mining Areas, and many other Deep cycle and High starting applications.

Our after sales service is a priority; we want you to be satisfied you have purchased high quality AGM batteries for your important application. We also advise you on charging, what chargers are best, and dual AGM battery setups. Optima’s AGM batteries can be found at many distributors Australia wide.