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Smart Battery Chargers & Lithium Jump Starters / Brands - NOCO Genius, ePOWER, Schumacher

ePOWER Battery Chargers

We stock microprocessor controlled battery chargers or more commonly known as “smart chargers”.

Smart battery chargers use computer generated algorithms to collect data from the battery bank and make setting adjustments to the charge current and voltage according to the data collected, charging your battery bank faster, more accurately and efficiently. Our battery chargers will charge lithium, flooded, AGM or Gel batteries.



NOCO Genius - Wicked Smart Chargers

NOCO Genius On-Board Marine Battery Chargers automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges, and maintains your batteries. These NOCO marine battery chargers can safely charge wet, gel, maintenance-free, and AGM batteries.

NOCO Genius Battery Chargers are 100% completely sealed and energy efficient. They are made in the USA and include a three (3) year limited warranty.