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Forelettronica has introduced a new line under its ‘BC Battery Controller’ brand name, and it anticipates that it will become its top-selling range.

The BC Smart 5000 is an automatic battery charger with an integrated microprocessor and eight charging cycles. The unit is equipped with specific charging programmes for cars and motorcycles, and the device also features a specific charging programme for AGM start-stop batteries.

According to the Italian company, the battery charger is provided with LEDs that indicate the charging cycle and any operating anomalies and with a LED voltmeter which enables the user to observe a charge cycle’s progress. A 12V power supply allows a vehicle’s electronic device to receive current without any memory loss, and an OBD adapter is available to enable the charger to be connected to a car’s diagnostic socket. An integrated sensor carries out automatic temperature compensation, which means the battery is always provided with the best charging current according to the detected ambient temperature. And as is the case with other BC battery chargers, the BC Smart 5000 is supplied with a wall mounting kit.

Those needing a higher current capacity may find the BC Smart 10000 better suited to their requirements. The manufacturer recommends this unit, which offers 1 Amp or 10 Amp charging current, for professional workshop use.

ePOWER Battery Chargers

We stock microprocessor controlled battery chargers or more commonly known as “smart chargers”.

Smart battery chargers use computer generated algorithms to collect data from the battery bank and make setting adjustments to the charge current and voltage according to the data collected, charging your battery bank faster, more accurately and efficiently. Our battery chargers will charge lithium, flooded, AGM or Gel batteries.


NOCO Genius - Wicked Smart Chargers

NOCO Genius On-Board Marine Battery Chargers automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges, and maintains your batteries. These NOCO marine battery chargers can safely charge wet, gel, maintenance-free, and AGM batteries.

NOCO Genius Battery Chargers are 100% completely sealed and energy efficient. They are made in the USA and include a three (3) year limited warranty.