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EFB Stop-Start Car Batteries


New EFB Stop Start Battery Technology

Manufacturers of stop-start and hybrid vehicles rely on the latest battery technologies, such as the absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery and enhanced flooded battery (EFB). We specialise in all these new technologies.

Absorbent glass mat batteries

AGM batteries use glass mats between each plate that absorb the electrolyte. The whole series is then highly compressed to produce a similar chemical reaction to a conventional battery, but less acid. This makes the battery more efficient than a conventional one, and you’ll tend to find these solely in high end European vehicles.

Enhanced flooded batteries

An EFB is an improved version of the lead acid battery that offers a happy medium between the cost effectiveness of conventional batteries, and the efficiency of AGM batteries. They can be assembled on existing battery production lines, and are widely used in stop-start vehicles by Japanese and European car manufacturers.